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Easy to install with (2) large magnets holding it in place on the header
Debris deflected back in to header throughout the day [...]​​



The days of spending 15-20 mins cleaning an air filter are over, the Air filter blaster is the safest most efficient method to clean an air filter. [...]​

Makers of the...

The flexible Grain Saver® Rock and Dirt Guard mounts on top at the rear of the sickle bar, across the full width of the header. It flexes with the sickle bar to enhance [...]​

Grain Saver/
​Rock Guard

The Dust Diverter's hydraulic-powered motor moves 1,800 C.F.M. of free air at2,100 RPM, dispersing feederhouse dust to the ground and out of the [...]​

  • Grain Saver/ Rock and Dirt Guard
  • Johnsons Debris Deflector
  • Johnsons Superchop
  • Johnsons Dust Diverter
  • and your premiere dealer for the new

Eliminates extra passes - shorter time in field. Shreds 'hard to chop' green stems
Keeps residue from balling up on Anhydrous knives [...]​


Air Filter

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